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How does the ear wax removal kit work?

It depends on which kit and instruments you use. They are all detailed in our e-book of proper use and function here (insert link).


Are the ear wax removal kits safe?

Yes! Our kits are safe to use as long as the instructions are properly followed and not misused.


Can I just use cotton swabs instead?

Nope! Cotton swabs are known to push ear wax farther into the ear and cause more blockage already and can damage your ear canal or ear drum.


Will you ever have ear wax candles? 

The short answer is NO. Ear wax candles do NOT work – they actually do the opposite function and create more ear wax build up in your ear. The videos you have seen of people “collecting” the ear wax after the candle is lit is actually melted candle wax. You can learn more in our e-book here (insert link to e-book).


Who can I see to clean my ears? 

An otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat doctor) can remove obstructed earwax if you are unable to.